Erdemir aims to improve professional knowledge and experience of its employees to ensure that they are competent and open for teamwork and innovation, and duly implements its Policy on Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Energy Management Systems to contribute to the achievement of its strategic objectives.

Our Company attaches great importance to offering professional and personal development opportunities at each and every step of careers of our employees. Therefore, staff trainings are provided in many areas, including professional/technical, on-the-job, occupational health and safety, self-development trainings, and leadership and talent management programs. There are different leadership programs for managers operating at different levels in the Company. We also have an internal mentorship program to improve corporate development and performance.

Professional/Technical, Personal Development, Leadership and Mandatory Trainings

Company Number of Participants Training Hours
EREGLİ 28.705 239.300
ISTANBUL 315 293

Internship Programs

Erdemir helps young people with its internship programs, giving them the opportunity to gain professional knowledge and experience for their future careers. Students undergo various personal development trainings, assigned to a project and are required to make a presentation during their internships. Furthermore, in the context of university-industry collaboration initiative, seniors from universities are given long-term internship opportunity to help them in adapting to the business life.

Vocational Qualification Programs

In line with the Regulation on Vocational Training of Employees Assigned to Dangerous and Very Dangerous Works, vocational qualifications of blue-collared workers employed at various units of our Company have been identified. In line with the relevant protocols, these trainings are given in theory and practice at our Company, and trainees are given Vocational Certificates approved by the Ministry of National Education.

Continuous Improvement

One of the most important pillars of our corporate culture is the our commitment to continuous improvement, which adds value to our Company and employees through various improvement instruments, including suggestion mechanisms, teamwork, and Design of Experiments (DOE) Techniques with advances statistical tools.

Improvements may occur in various areas such as occupational health and safety, customer satisfaction, quality improvement, and productivity improvement.

In 2014, we successfully completed our project on “Optimization of Mouldable Steel Grade 6513 using DOE Techniques” and were awarded the Second Prize in “Large Enterprise/Process Improvement” in the Productivity Project Awards Contest organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology.

Health and Social Services

Erdemir considers offering a healthy and safe work environment to its employees as one of its major priorities. Services of the fully-equipped healthcare centres at Ereğli include; preventive medicine services, recruitment examinations, periodical examinations, studies for preventing work accidents and illnesses, follow-up treatment of employees on sick leave, and dosimeter radiation, and these centres also handle Social Security payment transactions of employees on sick leave, provide, funeral services to employees and their relatives, full emergency response and ambulance service, first aid and emergency care service. Erdemir also continuously provides certified first-aid training to its employees.

Erdemir goes beyond legal requirements to improve life standards of its employees, offering venues where they can come together. Numerous recreational facilities located in Ereğli, including restaurants, kindergartens, sports arenas, cultural activity areas guesthouses, beach facilities are giving service to employees and their families. Employees are provided with shuttle service, food, cleaning, and logistics services.

Occupational Health and Safety comes first

Erdemir has been using Accident Analysis method for the last four years to identify root causes of accidents, determine measures to be taken and to replace reactive measures with proactive ones. This method analyses work accidents according to work, human and environment criteria to identify measures and actions to be taken based on statistical findings.

The new Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 focuses on the concept of subcontractors, however, anyone offering any service to Erdemir, whether as an employee or as a subcontractor, is given training against different risks to ensure awareness in relation to safety and security. In 2014, in total 188,427 man-hour training was given to Erdemir employees and subcontractor employees related to occupational health and safety.

Congresses, Summits, Conferences, and Seminars

In order to contribute to professional development of its employees and help them to keep up with new technologies, Erdemir participates and sponsors national and international events such as HR Summit, Quality Congress, Ankiros Fair, Energy Efficiency Congress, Win Fair, which gives its employees an opportunity to learn about products and technologies of domestic and international companies.

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