Management Systems Policy

OYAK Mining Metallurgy contributes to our country's economy by producing steel products in accordance with national and international standards.

We carry out all our activities in accordance with legal requirements and other applicable requirements and with the concept of responsible and accountable management creating value for our stakeholders,

Our Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, Quality, Energy and Information Security Management Systems policy is based on management by processes, providing resources fit to our objectives, continuously improving the systems and performance, increasing the awareness of all our employees and giving them the opportunity to show leadership within the scope of their responsibilities.

The principles of our Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, Quality, Energy and Information Security Management Systems are as follows:

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Produce "accident-free steel" by defining the risks and managing them systematically,
  • Prevent work-related injuries and ill health and protect the health of our employees by keeping the working environment and processes healthy and safe.
  • Deploy a sustainable safety culture shaped by involvement and ideas of all our employees,
  • Implement and sustain the Safety Management System for the Prevention of Major Industrial Accidents resulting from the process and hazardous materials that may cause significant loss of production and work,


  • Implement environment friendly technologies as a result of technical, economic and commercial evaluations from the perspective of life cycle and sustainable development, use our natural resources effectively and efficiently and protect biodiversity,
  • Reduce residues at the source, improve our recovery methods and encourage recovery,
  • Inform and raise awareness of all our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, suppliers, society and the state, by open communication with OYAK Mining Metallurgy's environmental perspective, applications and results


  • Deploy customer focused approach through entire organization by effective communication,
  • Introduce new products to our customers by increasing the culture of innovation and increase our revenues,
  • Increase our competitiveness by continuously improving efficiency and with cost-oriented projects and improvements in all our processes,


  • Implement technological innovations that increase energy efficiency,
  • Use utmost benefits from by-product gases and excess heat,
  • Minimize energy losses by systematic measurement and monitoring,

Information Security

  • Ensure awareness of our employees that the corporate knowledge produced, processed and shared is an asset with value,
  • Identify corporate information assets and the media in which information processed, manage their risks systematically and take measures related to their security gaps, provide effective controls on information assets and define necessary roles and responsibilities within this scope,
  • Take into account the information security requirements of our stakeholders with whom we exchange information and ensure the security of their information.

We, as OYAK Mining Metallurgy, will observe these principles we adopted, and reflect these principles in our behaviors and ways of doing business.

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