Management Systems Policy

Erdemir, a large integrated steel producer which adds considerable value to the national economy, produces steel products in compliance with national & international standards.

We maintain all our activities with transparency, in accordance with the international standards and legal rules and with great sensitivity of the stakeholders’ requirement and expectations.

Our Occupational health and safety, quality, environment and energy management systems policy is based on management by objectives, creating resources for our objectives, continuous improvement and increasing awareness of our employees.

The principles of our policy are as follows;

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

  • Producing “accident-free steel” by implementing Risk Management,
  • Providing a safe working environment and protecting the health of our employees,
  • Increasing the awareness of our employees in accordance with sustainable safety culture.


  • Disseminating customer-focus throughout the company with effective communication,
  • Establishing innovative and creative corporate culture,
  • Increasing our profitability by projects and improvements in which increasing our productivity and saving cost.


  • In the frame work of sustainability, using technology in which minimize the negative the impacts on environment and maintaining natural resources by using raw material efficiently and effectively,
  • Examining and monitoring the impact of all our activities in order to maximize our environmental performance,
  • By promoting waste minimization and recovery, eliminating and disposing wastes.
  • Informing, raising awareness and clearly communicating with our whole stakeholders who are composed of our employees, customers, suppliers, society and government about the environmental viewpoint, applications and performance results of Erdemir.


  • Implementing technological innovations that provide superior energy efficiency.
  • Taking the utmost benefit from by-product gases and waste at temperatures that comes out during the production process.
  • Minimizing the energy losses by systematic measurement and monitoring.

Information Security

  • Ensuring that all employees are aware of the value of corporate information which is produced, processed and disseminated internally,
  • Identifying the corporate information assets and platforms that information is processed, managing the risks systematically and taking the necessary precautions regarding security vulnerabilities,
  • Respecting information security requirements of our stakeholders that we have information give-and-take and ensuring that their information are under security.
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