Hot Rolled Flat Steel Products

Flat steel obtained through rolling the semi-finished product rectangular in cross section (slab), produced by means of continuous casting, at a certain temperature.

Roll or cut to length sheet: Products with thickness varying from 1.20 to 25.00 mm in roll or cut-to-length sheet forms.

Plate: Products with thickness range of 6.00 – 200.00 mm and width of 1,000-3,600 mm.

Cold-Rolled Flat Steel Products

Flat steel products in roll or sheet forms obtained by cold-rolling of hot-rolled flat steel, with thicknesses ranging from 0.20 to 2.00 mm. In addition to fully meeting the expectations with their properties concerning the surface flatness and the width and thickness variation, the physical properties of the produced materials fully remain homogenous along the roll all made very possible by the very first tandem cold-rolling mill in Turkey.

Galvanized / Galvanealed Flat Steel Products

Galvanized flat steel is produced by hot-dipping of cold- rolled metal through a zinc bath where both surfaces are coated with a layer of zinc. Subsequent to the process of zinc coating on the surface of the steel, by converting the interfacial layer into zinc-iron alloy through induction heating galvanealed flat steel is produced. This process is applied in order to enhance material lifespan and prevent corrosion which will eventually occur on the material surfaces in the presence of water or air moisture.

Therefore, galvanized materials produced through this coating process constitute the most significant input for automotive sector as well as sectors engaging in outer surface coating.

Zinc coating is protected through chromatizing and/ or greasing of the surface. The surface grades of galvanized materials are produced at three different surface types (A, B, C strictly adhering to relevant international standards.

Tin / Chrome Coated Flat Steel Products (Tinplate)

Cold-rolled mild flat steel, low in carbon is coated with various amount of tin and produced through electrolysis method. This type of flat steel has the thickness ranging from 0.12 to 0.60 mm, being either in roll or sheet forms.

Such products are mostly utilized in metal packaging industry for the manufacturing of diverse industrial goods such as; cans of industrial grease, dyes and other chemicals, tins or cans composed of two to three pieces, cans of tomato paste, butter and cheese, soft drink cans, jars, crown/soft drink lids, ring-pulls, aerosol cans, decorative boxes, toys, and stationary materials.


Motor benzole, pure benzole, toluol, xylol, crude tar, ammonium sulphate (artificial fertilizer), iron sulphate, and granulated high furnace slag are among the by-products of the processes at Ereğli Plant.

Flat Steel Product Catalogue 2021
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