Each Erdemir facility assumes an important role in producing final products we offer to our customers and to maintain the “Erdemir quality”. Some of these facilities provide service to third parties. In addition to our core activities we are offering port, laboratory, and heat treatment services, and our technical experience and expertise to third parties to contribute to our industry.

Port Services

Erdemir Port is located on the coast from Baba Cape (41°17'48"N and 31°23'45"E) to Çengel Cape (41°14'45"N and 31°23'45"E)

Erdemir Port is a port operator at world standards offering integrated solutions to Ereğli Iron and Steel Plants, and its customers. The port is handling exports/imports of Ereğli Iron and Steel Plants, third parties, and other industrial organizations in the periphery, promoting marine trade in the area, and is planning for the future with continuous investments to meet the demand for port operations.

In addition to port services, Erdemir Port, composed of 2 main ports is offering pilotage and towage services with its expert personnel. Our port handles all types of cargo and it is the door of Turkey opening to the world from the Black Sea, with a total handling capacity of 20,000,000 tons. Erdemir Port offers the largest and fastest unloading opportunity particularly for bulk cargo such as coal and mineral ores.

Equipment and Capacity

  • Two bulk cargo docks of 405m and 350m where vessels up to 200,000 DWT can approach
  • Four general cargo docks of 295m, 300m, 170m, and 150 m where vessels up to 60,000 DWT can approach
  • RO-RO and train ferry docks at international standards
  • 100 tons marine towing capacity
  • Unloading cranes with a capacity of 2500/1500 ton/hour
  • Shore cranes lifting 40 tons at 30m
  • Auxiliary machine and equipment with different tonnages

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Erdemir Port open 24/7 works in three shifts. The port has all kinds of handling equipment and vehicles.

Maritime Services

Erdemir port offers 7/24 pilotage and towing services with its experienced and specialized crew within the Ereğli Port Authority borders. It has 3 tugboats, 1 pilot boat and 2 mooring boats for these services.

Third Party Services

Erdemir Port offers port services to third party companies.

Warehouse Services

Erdemir Port has a general warehouse of 139,000 sqm.

Liquid and Solid Waste Collection Services

Erdemir Port is collecting liquid and solid waste under a license issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, in compliance with the Regulation on Collection and Control of Waste from Vessels.

Maritime Police Services

Maritime Police Services are provided by the Police Department at Karadeniz Ereğli. Entry/exit procedures are carried out at Ereğli, and foreign staff exchange is possible.

Customs and Customs Enforcement Services

Customs services are given by an A Class Custom Office in Ereğli. There are also custom brokers providing other services.

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