Environmental Management System

Erdemir implements ISO 14001 Environmental Management System successfully, and in line with its continuous development philosophy and sustainable development approach, it has adopted an Environmental Management Process, where various indicators are monitored to assess the performance of the Environmental Management System
Performance indicators monitored in the process:

  • Environmental Performance Index,
  • Material Efficiency,
  • Recovered Water Ratio
  • CO2 reduction through Energy Recovery projects
  • TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Activities,

The performance of the environmental management processes is assessed in periodical meetings led by the Environmental Officer with the units involved in environment. The process management team composed of members of different departments and disciplines play an active role in decision making, analyzing and assessing potential consequences, identify improvement efforts, and implementing relevant projects.

Environmental Performance Index calculated as a single numerical indicator includes various parameters such as water consumption, emissions, recovery ratios of solid, hazardous, and minor waste, training improvement activities under ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, compliance with the legislation, environmental accidents, and investments. These parameters and their sub-components are monitored and assessed continuously and used for improvement such as reducing consumption of natural resources and increasing recovery ratio of waste. These also provide data to Environmental Impact Assessment reports of new investments.

In parallel with this process, OYAK Mining Metallurgy Sustainability Department conducts environmental management activities and reports our environmental performance to the senior management. The senior management assesses environmental activities and environmental factors which are important for our industry, and are included in management strategies in line with the national legislation and international developments.

In 2014, a Sustainability Directorate was created to develop the OYAK’s strategies for sustainability and to devise a roadmap. This Directorate identifies, coordinates, and monitors general principles related to sustainability in cooperation with the relevant departments, and reports to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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