OYAK Mining Metallurgy aims to be a good corporate citizen and supports the social development while conducting its operations in compliance with legal and moral requirements. In line with its corporate culture that promises transparency, accountable management and conformity to ethical and legal regulations, the Group fulfils all its responsibilities to its stakeholders in a timely manner.

While contributing to the economy with the value it provided for Turkish industry, direct and indirect employment it provides and the taxes it pays, OYAK Mining Metallurgy runs social projects in different fields, particularly in the areas that it operates, to contribute to the social development and to meet the expectations of society. These social contribution activities are planned in accordance with the data obtained from corporate reputation surveys and social needs.

OYAK Mining Metallurgy plans and implements its contributions to social development with the goal of reaching wider audiences and increasing the impact of its projects. The group develops cooperation with public institutions and non-governmental organizations in its social contribution activities.

OYAK Mining Metallurgy has constructed nine schools for Turkey to date. Supporting efforts to improve the physical conditions and technical equipment of educational institutions as well as the scientific research activities of universities in their respective regions, the Group’s companies offer internships to high school and university students, and organize trainings and competitions in different areas.

OYAK Mining Metallurgy’s projects carried out to contribute social development are narrated in its annual and sustainability reports.

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